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Non-opioid pain management regimen may reduce costs, length of stay, overall opioid use

Gastrointestinal surgical patients treated with a non-opioid pain management regimen had less overall opioid use and shorter length of stay and incurred fewer hospital costs than those treated with an ... Still, they noted several apparent advantages of
July 2014

Letter to the Editor

Two readers express concerns about pain management recommendations that appeared in our April cover article, and a story source responds. ... However, we are concerned about some of the recommendations in the recent article “The prescription for pain
August 2013

Program for advanced recovery after surgery associated with shorter stays, better outcomes

The program for patients undergoing colorectal resection or hip fracture repair focused on optimizing nutrition, mobility, pain management, and patient engagement. ... The ERAS program focused on optimizing nutrition, mobility, pain management, and
May 2017

The prescription for pain management

Correll and I'm from the pain management service. How are you doing today?’. ... American Society for Pain Management Nursing guidelines on monitoring for opioid-induced sedation and respiratory depression.
April 2013

Managing pain in orthopedic patients takes awareness, finesse

Patients who need pain management after orthopedic surgery usually fall into two very distinct groups. ... Preoperative patient education also is an important tool for pain management, according to Kulsum K.
May 2008

New methadone safety clinical practice guideline released

New guidelines for prescribing methadone for opioid addiction and pain management offer advice for primary care and specialty providers about safety and electrocardiogram monitoring to identify patients at high risk for ... Also, patients prescribed
May 2014

SHM releases recommendations on opioid use in hospitalized adults with acute, noncancer pain

Clinicians should pair opioids with scheduled nonopioid analgesics, unless contraindicated, and always consider nonpharmacologic pain management strategies, according to the consensus statement from the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM).
April 2018

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes articles on new approaches to pain management, use of penicillin, conference coverage from CHEST 2016, and more. ... The article gathers advice from experts and guidelines on how to effectively manage inpatients' pain with
January 2017

Dripping lidocaine from syringe onto skin before injection reduces pain, study finds

Squirting a small amount of lidocaine on the skin before a lidocaine injection reduced pain from bedside procedures, a recent study found. ... The primary endpoint was the procedure pain perception as measured by the 100-mm Visual Analog Scale (VAS).
May 2018

Tips to assess and treat acute-on-chronic pain

Photo by Getty Images. Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 was held in Philadelphia in April and included advice on pain management challenges. ... Patients with chronic pain need appropriate pain management, too,” she said.
June 2019

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