December 2020

COVID-19 and antibiotics: Less is more

Experts urge clinicians to remember stewardship amid the pandemic.

More diuretics and more tips on heart failure

Optimize prescribing during and after heart failure hospitalization to improve care.

Private equity and hospitals

Experts and research look at effects of health care investing.

Tap water avoidance reduced infections

A hospital found nontuberculous Mycobacteria in some of its water sources.

How to withdraw ventilation compassionately

An expert offers advice on tackling the psychological and medical challenges of end-of-life extubation.

Through the California fires

A hospitalist recalls three devastating fire seasons.

Bundling consent in the ICU

Residents frequently use these bundles but report doubts about their validity.

Cytokine release syndrome

The sequencing of codes for cytokine release syndrome and causative conditions is complicated.

New warning on NSAIDs in pregnancy

Recalls, warning, and approvals.

Lucky doc

When you think you're lucky, is it just the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy?

Teams to improve hip fracture, heart failure

This issue looks at comanagement of hip fractures, prescribing for heart failure, antibiotic use in COVID-19, and private equity ownership of hospitals.

MKSAP quiz on orthopedic comanagement

This month's quiz includes questions from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP 18) on orthopedic issues.

Sepsis, cardiac arrest, and more

Research summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.

Thromboprophylaxis, heart failure decongestion, and more

Research summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.