Top Docs and heart failure

Meet the 2019 Top Hospitalists and catch up on the latest in heart failure research.

I say this every November, but that's because it's always true: This issue features a really impressive group of hospitalists chosen by our editorial board to be featured as Top Hospitalists. Learn about their projects and passions, from improving medical training to easing access to specialist care. They represent a wide variety of hospital medicine practice settings—urban academic centers, Veterans Affairs and community facilities, and an Indian Health Services hospital.

Photo courtesy of the Heart Failure Society of America
Photo courtesy of the Heart Failure Society of America

You might have noticed that my photo looks different this month. That's basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal posing with me! I met him at the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America, which he attended to raise awareness about how heart failure disproportionately affects the African-American community.

One article in this issue reports the latest thinking on possible explanations for this disparity. Another conference coverage article looks at the balance between protecting the kidneys and helping the heart when treating decompensated heart failure.

For more advice on improving your practice, see the Perspectives piece in this issue. It offers useful tips on successfully discharging patients early in the day. This month's Success Story also focuses on getting patients moving, although while they're still admitted. One hospital found that training nursing assistants to be “mobility technicians” had a significant impact on older patients' outcomes.

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Stacey Butterfield