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Research on strokes and readmissions in COVID-19, updated guidance from NIH and SSC

One study showed that strokes were rare in COVID-19 patients, while another didn't find any connection between fever or biomarkers before discharge and readmissions. The NIH and the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) updated their COVID-19 critical care recommendations.

Equation may help guide diuretic therapy in acute decompensated heart failure

The newly developed and validated equation predicts sodium output based on a spot urine sample collected two hours after administration of loop diuretics.

More than a third of residents unsure who's responsible for patient education at discharge

In a multi-institutional survey of internal medicine residents, 35% were not sure who was primarily responsible for patient education at discharge, with the next most common responses being the intern, the resident, the nurse, and the attending.

Study finds wide variation in ED physicians' hospital admission rates for Medicare patients

The results suggest that physician decision making in the ED substantially contributes to whether a patient is admitted and may be a target for interventions to reduce unnecessary admissions, the authors said.

Checklists, continuous glucose monitoring, deferred care, and discharge lounges

The February issue of ACP Hospitalist is online and in the mail. Articles look at implementation of checklists, continuous glucose monitoring, and discharge lounges in hospital medicine, as well as where all those admissions for non-COVID-19 conditions have gone during the pandemic.

And the winner is …

ACP Hospitalist Weekly has tallied the voting from its latest cartoon contest, where readers are invited to match wits against their peers to provide the most original and amusing caption.