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AHA updates guidelines on resuscitation of patients with cardiac arrest

A focused update from the American Heart Association (AHA) offers new recommendations on the use of advanced airways, vasopressors, and extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation during cardiac arrest.

Cost of heart failure, pneumonia hospitalizations varies by hospital more than by patient

Researchers compared hospital payments for Medicare beneficiaries who were admitted for heart failure or pneumonia twice, once to a generally high-cost hospital and once to a low-cost hospital.

Vitamin E acetate linked to vaping-associated lung injury

The total number of reported vaping-associated lung injury cases mounted to 2,172, the CDC found vitamin E acetate in biologic samples for the first time, and authors of an observational study of vaping-related illness emphasized that patients may present with flu-like and abdominal symptoms.

Bedside optic nerve ultrasonography may be useful for measuring intracranial pressure

The test involves applying a layer of gel to the closed eyelid with the patient in supine position and measuring the optic nerve sheath.

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