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Recent Research

Providing more details to primary care physicians (PCPs) about medication changes during hospitalization can help improve adherence after discharge, according to a recent study. ... More research needs to be done to determine precisely who is at risk and
April 2013

Postoperative function, hip fracture, and more

It included only patients with MMSE scores of 24 or higher, so further research would be required in patients with mild cognitive impairment. ... most distressing finding,” since previous research has shown that hip fracture in advanced dementia is
October 2018

Recent Research

an increased incidence of portal-vein thrombosis, according to a recent industry-funded study. ... MI risk, or risk of MI or vascular death, for recent stroke patients, the authors wrote.
January 2013

Recent Research

Risk for stroke is elevated up to 12 weeks after total hip replacement, according to a recent study. ... Past research in healthy volunteers has shown zolpidem is associated with greater difficulty maintaining balance, the authors wrote.
March 2013

HCAP guidelines, CPR survival, and more

The HCAP guidelines were always controversial, and a recent update removed the specific recommendations for HCAP and placed HCAP into the guidelines for CAP instead, the study authors noted. ... Noninvasive sputum culture may be helpful in guiding
April 2018

Recent Research

The research was presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions and was published in the Dec.
June 2014

Opioid disposal, medication cost alerts, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Patients commonly do not use, lock, or discard their postoperative prescription opioids, according to a recent systematic review. ... Displaying the costs of medications to inpatient prescribers did not
December 2017

Delivery (of a shock) in two minutes or less

Recent research has found that hospitalized patients with ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia don't always receive defibrillation within the recommended window, and that the delay has a detrimental effect on ... The research also found a
August 2008

LTAC use, med adherence after MI, and more

The study authors noted that previous research has shown improvements in mortality with higher calling rates but that these studies failed to adjust for overall improvements in hospital mortality over time, ... The authors called for additional research
September 2018

Recent Research

Only a small proportion of ischemic stroke readmissions are preventable, a recent study found. ... placement. Recent research has shown that PICCs are not as safe as historically assumed, the study authors noted.
March 2014

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