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Put a number on it: Rating patient acuity

Aware of recent research showing that increased handoffs can lead to worse patient outcomes and that some bad outcomes on the wards, especially cardiac arrests, are predictable, the Chicago hospitalists looked ... Although research on the effects of the
December 2011

Improving outcomes with new roles

Despite having the same number of rapid responses, “our codes have been the lowest in the recent years,” said Dr. ... Other programs might want to consider these benefits, especially in light of recent research questioning hospitalists' value, he
November 2011

Drugs for drinkers

Finn. Research, however, has not found a difference among the long- and short-acting drugs, or even very firm evidence of their effects. ... Phenobarbital has been the subject of recent research. “It makes the benzos much more active,” said Dr.
June 2012

Surgeons, internists square off over osteomyelitis

Pile noted) or simply “tradition.”. The more common alternative, culturing a swab from the wound, is not always as accurate, but recent research has suggested that multiple, deep probes can correctly
September 2013

Testing the tests

Yet research has shown that the easiest method for assessing volume depletion—the physical exam—is not very effective. ... Recent research has shown that elevated troponin levels are associated with worse outcomes.
June 2011

Recent Research

The retrospective cohort study used the New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative to analyze 188,208 patients admitted for hip fracture from 2000 to 2011. ... These results differ from those of a recent Swedish study, which found lower
February 2016

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Physicians should weigh the possible risks before prescribing antipsychotics to older patients; recent research suggests the drugs are also associated with a higher risk of death in the elderly. ... The research was published in the May issue of the
July 2008

A different kind of competency

It's not that [the research] has failed. It just hasn't been done. ... Betancourt. He also noted that recent research has shown that cross-cultural populations tend to have longer lengths of stay.
March 2008

Data but few answers on vasopressors

More recent research has compared norepinephrine with vasopressin and found some benefits to the latter. ... It's not surprising that recent trials of vasopressors have not shown improvements in mortality, because they never do, said Dr.
April 2020

Pulling it together

Recent research supports the importance of adhering to GOLD guidelines on drug treatment for exacerbations, noted Gulshan Sharma, MD, MPH, pulmonary and critical care specialist at the University of Texas Medical
March 2011

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