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Complicated UTI, stress ulcer prophylaxis, and more

The authors also called for research to determine whether Aβ40 could be a therapeutic target to prevent ACS or improve outcomes after it has occurred. ... hemorrhage with combination antiplatelet therapy than with aspirin alone, according to a recent
November 2018

Recent Research

They noted that the mortality rate in the standard nutrition group was lower than in some other recent research, which could potentially be explained by the high protein content (1.2 ... The standard formula also had a balanced amino acid pattern, which
January 2015

Fluid balance, MI rule-out, anticoagulation after hemorrhage, and more

Future research should combine this rule-out strategy with assessment of risk factors and symptoms, the authors suggested. ... Ularitide, an intravenous synthetic form of the renal vasodilatory natriuretic peptide urodilatin, did not improve mortality
September 2017

Most older patients who smoke do not use prescription medications to quit after MI, study finds

Older patients who smoke and are hospitalized with myocardial infarction (MI) almost always receive smoking cessation counseling but infrequently use prescription medications to quit, according to a recent research letter. ... Results were published
July 2017

Top Hospitalists

Although group buy-in was key to the initiative's success, recent research suggests that culture change may require less buy-in than previously thought, said Dr. ... Skandhan. “Previously, they used to say 35% of people have to be bought in for a new
November 2018

Recent Research

An editorialist wrote, “The main implications of this trial are for the initial care of symptomatic patients with moderate disease and a history of recent exacerbations.There is no evidence for ... Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
September 2011

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are always working to improve handoffs to primary care physicians, and recent research suggests that pending test results at discharge are a particularly vulnerable area. ... Lack of mentors can be a problem, as can lack of time to
December 2009

LTAC use, med adherence after MI, and more

The study authors noted that previous research has shown improvements in mortality with higher calling rates but that these studies failed to adjust for overall improvements in hospital mortality over time, ... The authors called for additional research
September 2018

Readmissions metrics, procalcitonin testing in CAP, and more

long-term clinical outcomes after acute myocardial infarction (MI), a recent study suggested. ... Procalcitonin values demonstrated accuracy in differentiating viral from bacterial community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in a recent study, but not at
October 2017

Recent Research

D. -dimer cutoff for safely ruling out pulmonary embolism (PE), especially in elderly patients, according to a recent study. ... Implementing telemedicine care in the ICU improved mortality and length of stay, according to a large recent study.
September 2014

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