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Improving patient satisfaction scores

Recent research has shown this might not be the case. A study led by Drs. ... Press Ganey Associates, Inc.; Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC); and other vendors have developed hospitalist-specific patient satisfaction tools, Dr.
May 2013

Recent Research

Autoimmune disorders and infections may increase patients' risk for mood disorders, according to a recent study. ... Two patients originally diagnosed with human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA) were found to have Borrelia miyamotoi infection instead,
September 2013

Recent Research

ICU patients who were extubated overnight had higher mortality rates than those taken off mechanical ventilation during the day, according to a recent study. ... They called for additional research to evaluate the significance and mechanisms of their
January 2017

NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

The authors noted that the use of prophylactic antibiotics before procedures has been discouraged in recent years. ... They called for future research in this area to include clinically important endpoints.
February 2019

Letter from the Editor

Recent research, however, has called this practice into question by finding that VTE rates aren't lower at hospitals with high prophylaxis rates compared to those with low prophylaxis rates. ... Our cover story looks at the current state of VTE
January 2015

Postoperative function, hip fracture, and more

It included only patients with MMSE scores of 24 or higher, so further research would be required in patients with mild cognitive impairment. ... most distressing finding,” since previous research has shown that hip fracture in advanced dementia is
October 2018

Beta-blocker choice may affect outcomes in cirrhosis and acute MI

However, they said that recent research on portal hypertension has raised concerns about the potentially harmful effects of the drugs in this population.
September 2018

Recent Research

They called for future research to identify which patient subgroups would benefit most from filter placement. ... Patients taking glucocorticoids before hospital admission for stroke may be at higher mortality risk, according to a recent study.
April 2016

Letter from the Editor

Recent research suggests it may be, at least as far as medication errors go.
April 2011

Survey finds low rates of communication between inpatient, primary care teams

Fewer than half of surveyed primary care clinicians reported receiving consistent notification of patients' hospitalizations despite a strong preference for communication with the inpatient team, according to a recent research letter.
November 2017

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