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Letter from the Editor

Recent research suggests it may be, at least as far as medication errors go.
April 2011

Sepsis still infected with uncertainty

CVO. 2. Other recent research has confirmed that patients with low levels have worse outcomes, he noted, citing a study published in November 2014 by Critical Care finding an association between ... Looking even farther into the future of sepsis care
January 2017

Family participation in ICU rounds may yield benefit, study finds

Family attendance in ICU rounds may increase their duration but improve communication, according to recent research.
May 2018

Recent Research

The research was presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions and was published in the Dec.
June 2014

Mobilization after stroke: Is sooner better?

It is not understood biologically as well as it could be, but it is an active area of research,” he said. ... The guidelines aren't specific on timing, in part, because there isn't enough evidence-based research on the topic, experts said.
October 2012

Recent Research

The Frailty Index appears to predict in-hospital complications and discharge disposition in geriatric trauma patients, a recent study found. ... A simple score can help predict seizure risk up to 5 years after intracerebral hemorrhage, a recent study
November 2014

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are always working to improve handoffs to primary care physicians, and recent research suggests that pending test results at discharge are a particularly vulnerable area. ... Lack of mentors can be a problem, as can lack of time to
December 2009

Stop doing that

So it's good news that recent research suggests one can use a more restrictive transfusion strategy with cardiac patients. ... In February 2012, an article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine looked at all existing research on the two indices and
June 2012

No association seen between red blood cell transfusion, mortality in sepsis

The study's finding of a protective effect on mortality from transfusions in the low hematocrit subgroup differs from similar research not focused on sepsis patients but supports the most recent ... research in critically ill sepsis patients, the authors
September 2017

Put a number on it: Rating patient acuity

Aware of recent research showing that increased handoffs can lead to worse patient outcomes and that some bad outcomes on the wards, especially cardiac arrests, are predictable, the Chicago hospitalists looked ... Although research on the effects of the
December 2011

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