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Changing approaches to pain

ACP Member Shoshana Herzig, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of hospital medicine research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. ... While opioids are almost always part of the pain management
January 2017

Studies on infectious diseases, neurology, and more

However, other research has shown additional ways in which isolation precautions negatively impact care, including psychological effects, fewer contacts with clinicians, and greater inpatient deconditioning. ... However, the lack of benefit in patients
March 2017

Recent Research

An accompanying editorial called for additional research into the biopsychosocial factors that contribute to firearm violence. ... Results were published in a research letter on Sept. 19, 2016, by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
February 2017

Recent Research

The three organizations recommended concomitant PPI and antiplatelet use in a 2008 document, but subsequent research suggested PPIs might lessen the efficacy of antiplatelet drugs. ... The study authors called for further research examining the
June 2011

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are always working to improve handoffs to primary care physicians, and recent research suggests that pending test results at discharge are a particularly vulnerable area. ... Lack of mentors can be a problem, as can lack of time to
December 2009

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

Yancy. But it's not just about genes; there have also been recent discoveries about the role of the exposome. ... It's not the only new explanation, though, Dr. Yancy noted. Other recent research, published in the July 2 Journal of the American College
November 2019

Stop doing that

So it's good news that recent research suggests one can use a more restrictive transfusion strategy with cardiac patients. ... In February 2012, an article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine looked at all existing research on the two indices and
June 2012

Preventing AKI

effects. Recent research has tried to identify patient risk factors that predict AKI. ... Ongoing research, though, continues to find gaps in what's understood about the onset of AKI and therefore how to prevent it.
December 2015

What's new on ACP Internist's blog

Here's a sampling of recent posts and comments from the blog. ... It's a finding that almost anyone (except those grumpy old guys who also walked uphill both ways to their residencies) would agree with …. Internship years often trigger depression
January 2009

Simple steps help prevent ICU delirium

Promoting alertness and orientation during daytime hours also helps prevent delirium, according to recent research. ... Another promising area of research is cognitive stimulation—”essentially using games to exercise the brain,” said Dr.
November 2017

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