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Where's the target?

wake of recent research. ... His research also looked at why these hypoglycemic episodes occur, and found that many are due to a nutrition/insulin mismatch.
June 2009

Comanage orthopedics like a pro

From her own personal advice, Dr. Wallace moved on to the best comanagement practices identified by recent research. ... Other recent news in the field includes the 2017 American College of Rheumatology/American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons
July 2018

The imperfection of ICU admission decisions

Recent research on the effects of ICU care has shown mixed results. ... and we have double Canada.”. The American supply of ICU beds may have dropped in recent years, however, according to a research letter by Dr.
February 2019

Changing approaches to pain

ACP Member Shoshana Herzig, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of hospital medicine research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. ... While opioids are almost always part of the pain management
January 2017

Preventing AKI

effects. Recent research has tried to identify patient risk factors that predict AKI. ... Ongoing research, though, continues to find gaps in what's understood about the onset of AKI and therefore how to prevent it.
December 2015

Recent Research

lacking.”. Patients who survive a fragility fracture typically continue to take drugs associated with increased fracture risk, a recent study found. ... Antiplatelets and statins are underused among patients discharged from the hospital after carotid
December 2016

Simple steps help prevent ICU delirium

Promoting alertness and orientation during daytime hours also helps prevent delirium, according to recent research. ... Another promising area of research is cognitive stimulation—”essentially using games to exercise the brain,” said Dr.
November 2017

Questions and answers in periop medicine

Maniaci said. Recent research has also shown how to identify patients at risk for respiratory complications: Check the expiratory flow of intubated patients during surgery. ... Another recent study to discuss with anesthesiologists was published in the
January 2018

Beta-blockers, antibiotic algorithm, and more

However, they said that recent research on portal hypertension has raised concerns about the potentially harmful effects of the drugs in this population. ... An undetectable eosinophil count at admission for Clostridium difficile is a significant
April 2019

Letter from the Editor

According to recent research and our story, many are taking one when the other would be more effective, or both when only one is appropriate.
October 2016

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