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Oncologist optimistic about latest cancer treatments

The latter 2 categories drive most of Dr. Oxnard's excitement, but even chemotherapy has improved in recent years, especially the experience of it. ... Dr. Oxnard pointed to recent research finding that cancer patients referred to palliative care
May 2015

Uncertainty clouds protocols

16, respectively, as well as on other recent research. Studies have identified a number of issues and uncertainties in sepsis treatment, from whether to use a protocol to how to optimize ... Thus, one explanation for the protocol's failure in research is
March 2015

Stop doing that

So it's good news that recent research suggests one can use a more restrictive transfusion strategy with cardiac patients. ... In February 2012, an article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine looked at all existing research on the two indices and
June 2012

Improving patient satisfaction scores

Recent research has shown this might not be the case. A study led by Drs. ... Press Ganey Associates, Inc.; Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC); and other vendors have developed hospitalist-specific patient satisfaction tools, Dr.
May 2013

Individual case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

Recent research has hypothesized that low cardiac output (i.e., cardiogenic shock) is a more likely culprit than systemic vasodilation (i.e., distributive shock) in ischemic hepatitis.
January 2019

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Physicians should weigh the possible risks before prescribing antipsychotics to older patients; recent research suggests the drugs are also associated with a higher risk of death in the elderly. ... The research was published in the May issue of the
July 2008

Treating HCAP is not a snap

Based on recent research, anecdotal experiences and even local hospital culture, physicians have developed their own strategies for treating HCAP—not all of which are concordant with the guidelines. ... The multiple risk factors include severe pneumonia
March 2010

What not to do in palliative care

Pantilat. In particular, recent research has shown that some of the things physicians thought they were doing to help patients at the end of life are actually ineffective and even potentially ... Pantilat. Research has shown that even 20 mg of
December 2015

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

The possibility that ICU treatment doesn't benefit some of the patients who receive it has been substantiated by recent research. ... Escobar, MD, regional director for hospital operations research for Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Region and
February 2013

Recent Research

The annual number of hospitalizations will increase 67% by 2050, and inpatient demand capacity will need to expand by 72%, according to a recent analysis. ... Clinicians should offer oral anticoagulation routinely to NVAF patients older than 75 if they
July 2014

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